Monday, January 2, 2012

Enjoying The Exam.

"I don't seek knowledge in order to get money as reward"
[Ummu Majdiyya]

I was so inspired when I read the above phrase. Knowledge is a mean to know Allah better. This is how beautiful Islam is. If you study hard to get a good pointer so that you'll be paid high wage, you will be so disappointed when you get bad exam result. Instead, if you seek knowledge for Allah, you'll find that it is fun to know new things and when you get bad exam result, you'll be eager to improve yourself and your knowledge (--> you get bad result coz you didn't give correct answer in your exam. You didn't give correct answer because you misinterpreted the knowledge you have). Exam is just a mean to measure how far you've digest the knowledge taught to you. Enjoy your exam!

"Wise man pointed to the moon. Crazy man just look at the hand"
[Chinese Proverb]
** Is this correct Emil? huhu